Tafaria Castle & Center for the Arts

FAA in collaboration with Tafaria Castle and Center for the Arts runs a four week fashion residency on applications and need basis which culminates in a phenomenal fusion showcase. This opportunity is open for designers locally, regionally and internationally. The residency has been created and developed by FAA and hosted at TAFARIA. This is a program that is intensive, impact led and inspirational. The main objective is to interact with local communities for inspiration based on their lifestyle and environment. Some of the benefits include and not limited to. Feature in the Orange Economy Magazine, showcase on a runway with press coverage.

Cohort 1

Fashion Agenda Africa identified young designers, Kunjina Tesflaye from Ethiopia and Makumi Wamuti from Kenya, to participate in the 4 week fashion residency which resulted in a runway show and fashion exhibition showcasing a 12 piece collection.

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Cohort 2

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